Putting some POW! in the powder room

The toilet room is where I get my best thinking done.

Okay, that’s not true. I get my best thinking done in bed when I should be sleeping. But the toilet room is where I’ve had my latest and greatest idea.

powder room

The toilet room is the only room where the walls are sort of normal. Not covered in wallpaper. Not tiled to the ceiling. Half of the wall is a wonderful blank canvas, albeit a popcorn-covered canvas. Ha! YOU THOUGHT I HAD A NORMAL WALL! Not so!

So I was looking at some of my favorite powder rooms and noticed they were all covered in black and white graphic wallpaper. Such a bold statement in such a small room! It packs such a punch!

Black and white powder room


Black & white powder room


Hinson's fireworks wallpaper


But all of those inspiration pictures use wallpaper. And as much as I’d love to drop a couple hundred euros to make my powder room go BOOM! when you open the door, I’ve got that popcorn situation going on, remember?

So then I remembered a project I’ve been working off and on for awhile, which was basically copying the idea behind this art but using some of our inside jokes in place of rap lyrics:

Rap lyric art

(I can’t find the original source for that picture, so if you know whose genius idea this is please let me know so I can give credit where it’s due.)

I thought, hey, that’s black and white and graphic. And printing some sheets of paper would be way cheaper than wallpaper. Plus, this way I could use frames and create something of a gallery with it.

So what I’m really saying is stay tuned because that is so happening soon.

(Images link to original source where I could find it. All images can be found on my Pinterest board.)