A week’s worth of wandering

Friday finds

  1. The perfect Fall sweater
  2. Watermelon slicing for ninjas
  3. How many times have you needed one of these?
  4. A clever candy store
  5. A “Man Table” to end all man tables
  6. What a happy home!

Oh! And guess what came in the mail today!

Ludovico the cat with Ikea 2013 catalog

No online page will ever compare with cuddling up and thumbing through a colorful catalog. Snuggly sleeping kitten is an added bonus.

Happy Labor Day weekend to my friends stateside! It’s not a holiday weekend in Holland, but we ARE going to a BBQ tomorrow! What are your plans?


Friday Favorites

Been doing some browser window shopping this week and I kept finding things for the entryway.

Like how cute would a row of these Canal House hooks look in the entryway? Adorable.

In the same vein, this prettymaps art of Amsterdam from 20×200 is gorgeous:

I never was a big wallpaper person, but I adore this Whitby Wallpaper in Lido from Mini Moderns. The beautiful teal color is almost a neutral.

And I kinda have my heart set on this hippo mat greeting us when we walk in the door.

Happy weekend, folks!

Weekend wandering

Rolan and I are in Germany today to see two of my friends tie the knot! This is my first wedding overseas and I’m excited to see my German friends as well as some of my American friends!

I’m also looking forward to seeing how the cultures vary in their wedding traditions. I already let my heritage show by asking the couple where they registered for gifts. Apparently they don’t typically do bridal registries in Germany. Good to know!

Before I check out for the weekend, though, here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at this week:

Have a great weekend!


I had a tonsillectomy two days ago and I’m still feeling it. So while I work on a speedy recovery, here are some awesome links to ramp up your weekend!

Keep Calm and Heal On print from TheKeepCalmShop