3 years later

Wow, so. Three years has passed. Usually I wouldn’t pay any attention to a passage of time in writing (who reads the dates on these things, anyway?), but so much has happened to the person who wrote that last post.

She was unemployed, waiting to receive her residence permit to live in the Netherlands. She would wait five more months to receive it. She was getting pretty depressed living in a new country and not being able to do the things she wanted to because she was bleeding money.

I got a full-time job literally the same day I received my residence permit, which was really lucky. My life has revolved since then around work and learning how to be happy here in this new country. I plan to share here some of the things I’ve learned about expat life, the emotional stages of immigration, and all that.

We’ve lived in two other houses since my last post, but we just moved into the first home that’s really ours.

Our first house back in our favorite city of Amersfoort.

Our first house back in our favorite city of Amersfoort.

So it seems like the perfect time to start writing again. I hope it’s the perfect time to start reading again, too.