Clocking in

Yesterday I posted about how I behaved myself and didn’t buy the basket light of my dreams, but today I’m here to tell you that we actually didn’t go home empty-handed on Sunday.

At a little general store in the city, we happened upon another big sale with items discounted up to 70%. That is where I made the mistake of picking up this clock and showing it to Rolan.

We could see that it was a designer clock (Arne Jacobsen) and well made. We did need a clock, but with the discount it was still €30. So I made Rolan put it down and marched him out of the store. But Rolan was not phased. He turned to Google. And when his search led him to find this online shop where they are selling the €30 clock we just passed up for €215, he marched me back into the store.

So we bought it. We reasoned that even if we decided not to keep it, we might still be able to sell it online for closer to what it’s worth and thereby make some money.

But who are we kidding? We are smitten with the thing! Designed by one of the most influential Danish architects/designers of the 20th century AND at a 70 percent discount? Yeah, I guess we’ll take it.


One Comment on “Clocking in”

  1. […] Ludovico was a big change for us, but a lot of the updates we made  this month were small, affordable ones like adding some hooks and hardware in our toilet and bathroom, thrifting some kitchen necessities, and splurging (well, as much as broke people can splurge!) on a designer clock. […]

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