Pax of lies

It started out innocently enough.

I found a tall, 2-door white Pax cabinet in the Ikea clearance section. It was €39.99, a 50% discount, and there was literally nothing wrong with it.

So I texted Rolan that picture and told him the deal.

“Found this perfect Pax cabinet for half off. Should I nab it? Would be hard to carry on my bike, though.”

“It does look perfect. Ask them if we can reserve it and pick it up later.”

No problem, right? Wrong. They don’t hold or reserve things at the Ikea Clearance section.

I should’ve given up right then and there. Should’ve known that the cabinet was cursed. Should’ve reminded myself of a bunch of cliches like ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’ and ‘You get what you pay for!’

We decided to leave it up to chance. We would return to Ikea when Rolan got home from work and if it was still there, we’d figure out what to do then.

So we did. And it was. But how would we get it home?

We’d have to take it apart, of course.

By ourselves. In the store.

By the end of the disassembly I’m sure Rolan would’ve preferred to just buy the darn thing new, all nicely put together in a big cardboard box.

But the next roadblock was waiting for us.

And it was even more fun than the last — like a game of Tetris when the game board is super full and every piece is a long, straight one.

It didn’t exactly fit, but luckily we had one nylon rope to hold the backdoor down and some fabric to put between the boards and the windshield. Rolan’s view on the right side was compromised a bit, so we drove slow and avoided speed bumps.

After all of that, you’d expect to see a nice picture of our beautiful new 50% off Ikea Pax wardrobe standing proudly in the bedroom holding hangars of clothes, right?

Wrong again.

While I was recovering from my tonsillectomy, Rolan got bored and tried to put together the doomed Pax wardrobe by himself. The picture you see above is what happened after he attempted to stand the wardrobe up. Now all the little places where the screws go in look like this or worse.

So I guess the moral of the story is ‘Let sleeping clearance Pax wardrobes lie.’

Maybe ‘A Pax in a box is worth two already put together in the store‘?

Ooh! Or ‘Idle hands make the devil ruin your Pax.’

But it’s probably just closer to ‘Four hands are better than two.’


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