A dandy chandy

My man Rolan is 2 for 2 on great thrift store lighting finds. If he weren’t already a great catch, I’d be keeping him around just for his keen eye for lighting.

When he found this beauty, I initially had my reservations. I wasn’t sure the mixed metals candelabra look was going to jive with our contemporary minimalist decor.

So we made a compromise. We would get the lighting fixture, but we’d have to make it less shiny.

Enter some matte white spray paint.

We taped off the light stems so that no spray paint would get into the bulb screw base and so they would remain black. Then we gave it one coat of primer.

We were already starting to like it better. So we went forward with two more coats of paint.

We are so happy with the final product. It’s got classic, timeless elegance yet it’s updated to fit in with the sleek lines of our brand new apartment.

I’m also really happy we chose to leave the glossy black light stems. I think it helps keep the light from disappearing into the ceiling.

It looks really cool from below too.

I can’t believe just how much a couple coats of spray paint did to update this light’s look. And did I mention the light’s low price tag? €2!

If Rolan keeps up like this, I can see a lot more spray painted thrift store finds in our future.


2 Comments on “A dandy chandy”

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