The little things

I love how just a few tiny changes can really make a room work more for you.

Before we left for vacation on Friday we made a few small updates to the bathroom and powder room. You might remember the problem in the powder room and my dilemma with whether we should use a standing toilet paper holder or one stuck on the wall. Well, we decided that the floor space in the powder room was too precious to squander on the toilet paper. So the hunt was on for an inexpensive hanging teepee holder and a way to hang it on tile.

What we found was the Ikea Grundtal and a product at the Gamma called Hang On.

The process to mix the glue solution was fairly straightforward, though I would warn anyone who wants to try this that there was a LOT of dried up solution in the little baggy you can see in the middle of the picture above. Once we figured that out and removed it, though, it was easy peasy. Just wipe the surfaces with the little cloth on the right. Then stir the solution you see on the wooden stick, mix it with the stuff in the little pouch and apply it to the thing you want to hang.

You can kinda see some of the sticky stuff in the picture above, but the package explains that it can easily be scratched off with a razor. I’m not worrying about it because we are planning to caulk around the holder so it has a more seamless edge. I can’t vouch for how easily this stuff comes off yet, but the package assures us that it shouldn’t be too hard.

Such a difference just a little piece of hardware makes. I don’t think I’ve ever given so much thought to my toilet paper holder, but it really does make life a little easier.

For the last little trick we pulled, I will ask you to look at the two pictures below and tell me if you notice a difference:

Of course you can see right away the little towel hooks we added to the wall next to our shower. The towel heater we have in our bathroom is by the door, but our shower is all the way across the room — so it’s a very chilly walk after your nice warm shower. These little babies were just a couple euros at the Gamma, but they have made a huge difference when it comes to comfort.

It’s also helped me to realize that not every update has to be huge. Even the little things feel like a big change when they make you happier in your home.


2 Comments on “The little things”

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