July on the fly

Whoa. So. That was July.

I’ve noticed that there are days that feel like we are crawling in progress on projects and then the next day I actually hear myself tell Rolan that maybe we are taking on too many projects at once. How can both of those statements be true?

July was a big month for us.

First of all, I started this blog at the beginning of July. I started writing as a way to keep track of all the progress we were making on our new home, but I also wanted a place for my friends and family overseas to see what was going on in my world. So if you are reading, thanks!

We also signed the contract and moved into our first apartment at the beginning of last month. Did you guys enjoy the tour of our new apartment?

We packed all our belongings and loaded everything into the back of an uncle’s van. And yes, the thing smooshed in the bottom of the pile in the picture above is indeed our mattress.

Moving is always fun, but for some extra kicks throw in a pair of elevator doors that close after 2 seconds and you’ve got yourself a regular ‘ole hootenanny! (Favorite new word: hootenanny!)

It wasn’t long after moving in, we realized we needed to shed some light on our new baby. Holland stays pretty bright late in the day during the summer, but an apartment with no light fixtures does not make for very safe midnight snacking.

So we hunted down a few light fixtures on the cheap, including a great thrift store find by Rolan.

My man seriously delivered on his promise. Which means I should probably follow suit on that promise I made to finish the laminate trim.

Still haven’t made much progress on that front. That is such a boring job. I was much more interested in dreaming up plans for our bedroom, which include some really beautiful prints that I shared with you from my new favorite Etsy seller Seasideprints.

The bedroom plan also includes a beautiful Maskros pendant lamp from Ikea, which I just so happened to find 50% off!

It just needed a loving touch from a completely sane person. Who would return something so beautiful to Ikea? Maybe the crazy person was hoping for a store credit to use on all the new stuff from the 2013 Ikea catalog.

I shouldn’t be so hard on us, I guess. Looking back through the archives, we’ve been risking life and limb to quickly get settled into our new place. Poor Rolan put his health in danger installing steel pipe curtain rods and I had a tonsillectomy!

With any luck, we’ll have some curtain updates coming after the weekend when we get back from our vacation — which, spoiler alert, won’t be to any of these unique Holland vacation destinations.

Well folks (or should I say folk? Hi, mom!), that was the last month all wrapped up into one nice little package. Feels good to look at it all together like this. I think we deserve a vacation. Heck, I think I deserve a vacation after writing all of this up.

I even updated the To-Do List. For preservation’s sake. You know, in case I ever get to thinking we’re slacking off again.


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