Save the Maskros!

You guys already know that I love me some Maskros. And its rise in popularity did nothing to hinder my obsession.

It’s a relatively inexpensive lamp for its size. The small one is only €50. However, given that it’s made of paper, I was holding out hope that someday some crazy person would decide they’d had enough of its flowery nonsense and offer it to me for less than the retail price. The longer I held out, the more unlikely it seemed that there was a crazy person out there for me.

Ultimately, though, crazy never lets me down:

As I was strolling through the Utrecht Ikea As-Is section with my boyfriend’s mother, she picks up this sad, white blob and starts picking at it. “This could be a nice lamp” she said as she showed it to me. When I finally realized what it was, I said — probably WAY louder than I should have — “This is it! This is the one! The one I’ve been searching for!” And then I hugged it. I hugged the lamp. In the store.

Maybe I’m the crazy one.

The fact that I could not tell what it was at first should give you some clue as to how badly this baby had been treated. It looked like someone had thrown it or kicked it or something. Most of the paper flowers were bent every which way.

The beauty of this light fixture really is in its simplicity, though. Even if it’s all messed up and already assembled, it can be fixed. The paper flowers can be removed. You can rebuild it. You can make it stronger.

Well, maybe not stronger, but you can at least make it pretty again.

I am here to tell you that fixing an as-is Maskros is as easy as popping off all the little flowers and smoothing the heinously bent petals by just running your fingers across them while they are laying on a flat surface. Once you have smoothed out every bent petal, place all the flowers in a big pile, making sure that there are no rogue petals being bent. It helps if you stack them in piles of 5. Then simply place something flat and heavy on top of the pile and let it sit overnight.

When you wake up in the morning, your pile will look something like this:

This flattening process will iron out all the little wrinkles and creases in the paper and also give the flowers a more uniform curve.

Then it’s time to pop all the flowers back into their little plastic holders. I found it was easiest to start at the top of the fixture and go down row by row. Oh and we also had a microphone stand handy to place the light on so it wasn’t resting on the little metal arms. You could just as easily tie the light’s wire to something and work while it’s hanging. Just don’t let the light rest on the newly ironed petals or you’ll be back to square one.

So you see, this Maskros just needed some TLC. For 50% off I’ll hug, rub and love on a pendant light. I’d be crazy not to!


4 Comments on “Save the Maskros!”

  1. Cpmahoney says:

    How did you move the petals. I can’t seem to get them off.

    • Jennifer says:

      At first we were afraid (we were petrified, haha) that we would rip the paper petals, but if you hold onto the bottom of the plastic connection (where it connects to the metal rod) and pull up with a little bit of determination, they will disconnect. Good luck!

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