Sleeping in style

Yesterday I added some links on the sidebar with ways to link up with me on social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram. If you are enjoying what’s happening on this here blogaroo, please do feel free to follow me over on those sites as well!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite bedroom inspiration photos from my Style Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Many of my favorite home design blogs stress the importance of knowing what you like, so I have been pinning home design images that resonate with me to see if there were any similarities. Here are some of my favorite bedroom images:

I’ll admit it: This photo makes me sleepy. But in a good way! This has got to be my favorite bedroom inspiration image of all time because I love how cozy and lived in it feels. I imagine myself just diving into the bed, sinking down into the mountain of pillows and snoozing away, not having a care in the world.

Realizing my love for this image led me to discover that there are many, many rooms on my list that have a lot of the same qualities, like:

Big, graphic, monochromatic patterns

Soft, white, fleece-y fur elements

Bright flashes of color in the pillows

Neutral, textured wall and duvet

And others like polka dots, ottomans, and flowers near the bed.

This is really a great exercise to get to know your personal style. Looking at all those pictures together, I never realized they had so much in common. And now that I see it, it’s easy to understand why I like them and how to make my own bedroom inspire the same cozy feelings that these pictures give me.

Anyone else inspired by these bedroom images? Do they make you sleepy (in a good way)?

And if you care to see more Pinterest favorites like these, feel free to follow my Style Inspiration board.


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