We’ve got pipes of steel

Rolan and I are still nursing me back to health, but I wanted to show you guys the progress we made on the curtains in the bedroom.

If you remember from my bedroom moodboard post, we are planning to put galvanized steel plumbing pipes up as curtain rods in all the rooms with windows. Rolan ordered 2 33.7mm steel pipes that were exactly the width of our rooms plus a few extra centimeters (just in case). We also ordered 5 rail supports and 4 plastic plugs for the ends. All in all, the total came to just under €100 — and they delivered!

The only trouble was, we didn’t anticipate how to get the nearly 6 meter long pipe up to our apartment. It wouldn’t fit up the staircase and certainly not in the elevator. Luckily, the nice Dutch delivery man spoke enough English to help me stash it here, next to the parking garage, while I waited for reinforcements Rolan to come home from work and solve the puzzle.

Luckily, he remembered we have a balcony that overlooks a garden and we live on the third floor, so we were able to pass the long pipe up from the garden to the balcony and then into the living room. I wish I had a picture of this, but sadly my hands and mind were occupied making sure the pipe didn’t fall on and/or impale someone. I’m sure our neighbors were scratching their heads in confusion if they saw the scene, though.

The predicament did allow me to take this funny Instagram picture after our trip to the Gamma to buy some fail-safe precautions:

I am seriously not reading that 50 Shades book, but I couldn’t look the cashier in the eye for wondering what she must be thinking of our purchase.

Anyway, once the pipes were all safely in the apartment, Rolan did some measuring and some calculating and some re-measuring and then got out his power drill and went to town on the ceilings.

We found out that there are a couple places in our ceilings that are not, erm, drillable? Is that a word? No, probably not, but… that’s what they were: undrillable. So we remeasured and recalculated and tried again. It was a trial and error process. Very scientific.

Once we got the holes drilled, the new challenge became getting the screws into their anchors. Rolan battled the ceiling on that for awhile and came out victorious once again, so the only thing left to do was measure the length that the pipe needed to be and trim it down to that size.

Safety nuts, avert your eyes! We realized after this project was over that safety goggles and a mask to cover your nose and mouth are ESSENTIAL. But my man managed to manually saw the pipe down to size, apply the plastic plugs and hang the curtain rod like a pro — with hopefully no damage to his lungs and eyes.

The next fun challenge will be finding curtain rods that are big enough to slide easily over these pipes, but that is a story for another day. Today we are basking in all the glory that comes with privacy from our neighbors!

If any of you are from the Netherlands and wanting to tackle this same project, we highly recommend Steigerbuis-online.nl. They were WAY cheaper than Gamma and Praxis and their selection is unbeatable. The delivery is fast and the nice delivery man will even speak English to you while you chat nervously on the phone to your boyfriend about what to do with the 6 meter long pipe he ordered. Any American readers can check out Simplified Building for a similar service, though I can’t vouch personally for this site.

And lastly, here are some places I found inspiration (and motivation) for this project:

Have any of you tried any unconventional ways to hang curtains in your home? Please leave a comment with a link so I can check it out!


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