A home away from… normal

It’s almost vacation time for us and we’ve been pondering about where to go.

I’ve explored some options. We could spend a night in a giant French wine cask, should we want to.

The  De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel is a hotel in The Netherlands made from four salvaged wine casks. Each wine barrel used to hold 14,500 liters of French wine, but now is home to a modest two-person room with standard amenities, attached bathroom and sitting room.

And if the wine fumes start to give us a headache, there’s always the Controversy Tram & Train Inn — a hotel made from an old railway carriage!

Because you spend most of your work week trying to sleep in a train, why not spend your vacation doing the same?

You gotta love the tire sink in that last picture. It looks like it could be quite cozy, until you wake up in the middle of the night in a panic that you missed your stop!

Also, a hotel for goldfish in Amsterdam!

Images of De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel via Inhabitant.com. Images of Controversy Tram & Train Inn via Controversy.nl and DecoratingDesignInterior.com.


One Comment on “A home away from… normal”

  1. […] With any luck, we’ll have some curtain updates coming after the weekend when we get back from our vacation — which, spoiler alert, won’t be to any of these unique Holland vacation destinations. […]

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