Dutch catalog living

When we first moved into our apartment, there was a mountain of mail waiting for us in the mailbox. Some of it was important, but most of it was unsolicited junk mail. Normally I would be all upset about wasted paper, but it was hard not to appreciate this gem of a home design catalog I received.

The pictures in it were so odd. Not because of the home decor, but because of the situations they put the models in. I couldn’t help but think of Catalog Living and the great captions they would add.

Here are some of my favorites:

“I wish I could remember how I took that giant picture behind me…”

In this scene, we have a man making a slightly amused face holding a camera with what can only be assumed is a camera instruction booklet next to him.

“Honey, the dogs are whining. Can you go see if they scaled the table again?”

Next up, a problem many of us are familiar with: where do you put a litter of puppies? Seems like “on the table” is an obvious choice. Maybe those two puppies are the ones they have bred for super-puppy skills in jumping and climbing?

“Herman was thrilled with his new fighter jet sticker. Now he just had to make sure Anne never turned around…”

I know that stickers on the wall are a popular thing nowadays, but… I just can’t even… I mean… what in the world?!

“Ironically, Sara was the only thing in her living room that wasn’t white.”

I love how they even decided to put milk in the little glass jar to really drive the color scheme home.

“After months of denying it, Rita finally admitted to herself that the slanted floors were getting to her.”

Every photo in the catalog had a normal horizon. And then there was this one. I love how the model is looking straight at the camera as if she is thinking, ‘Whoa. He just took the camera off the tripod. This catalog shoot just went high-fashion.’


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