We all scream for Ikea!

By now you have no doubt already seen the new 2013 Ikea catalog that popped up online today. You haven’t? Okay, go look. I will wait.

Ikea 2013 catalog

So many great ideas, right?

I have been flipping (virtually, of course) through it all day, so I will cut straight to the chase.

This Trådklöver fabric:

I want to buy a whole shipment of it and staple it to my walls so they will look like this:

Image via paloma81.blogspot.com

I’m also a big fan of this black and white graphic Lappljung Ruta rug.

It’s tres 8-bit chic, non?

These new Överens dishes are really beautiful and, thanks to their neutral coloring, could easily work themselves right into your everyday dishes:

Or they could be a fun new take on a Thanksgiving table setting.

It doesn’t say how it does it, but this new Jubel self-watering pot supposedly “helps your plants thrive”:

I guess it’s worth a try if it means I can stop buying plants over and over again. (I’ve a terrible black thumb.)

Not necessarily a new item, but I really love this idea from the catalog (haha) of taking pictures of the PIECES of something and framing them in a gallery on the wall, like so:

You could easily do the same thing with a puppy, a baby, your significant other, your family. Such a great way to cherish the details.

Finally — an organic way to hide a power strip in the nightstand:

I tried to hack my Malm nightstand drawers for this reason to no avail, so it’s nice to see this Nordli nightstand embracing the age of cell phone alarm clocks.

These new Skäret bath towels are cute and a half:

And such a good price!

Holy beautiful, affordable armchair, Batman!

Those shiny metal legs are calling to me.

There was so, so much new stuff that I loved. I will probably flip through it about 10 more times tonight.

Was there anything in there that caught your eye?


2 Comments on “We all scream for Ikea!”

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  2. […] It just needed a loving touch from a completely sane person. Who would return something so beautiful to Ikea? Maybe the crazy person was hoping for a store credit to use on all the new stuff from the 2013 Ikea catalog. […]

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