Trig and trim

If there is ever a situation in which you are faced with either doing something extremely difficult or putting down trim for a laminate floor, trust me on this one: go with the extremely difficult thing. There can be nothing more difficult than laying trim.

Yet, that is exactly what I am stuck working on. In the name of saving my sanity, I’ve been doing it little-by-little over the course of the last two weeks. Basically, if I’m not stomping around super frustrated about something, then I do some trim and quit when I find myself stomping around super frustrated.

I think there are two opposing forces that make this particular part of the laminate-laying process so difficult:

  1. Very precise trigonometric angles
  2. The general laissez-faire attitude with which my miter shears go about helping me make #1

Has anyone else ever used miter shears? Got any tips?


One Comment on “Trig and trim”

  1. […] My man seriously delivered on his promise. Which means I should probably follow suit on that promise I made to finish the laminate trim. […]

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