Making an entrance

Rolan visited his parents this past weekend. Before he left, I made him promise that he would go to the thrift store.

The thrift stores in the north of the country where his parents live are just ripe with potential big scores, whereas here in the middle of the country where we live they tend to be more picked over.

I wasn’t sure if he’d come home with anything, but…

…you guys, he found a gem! I didn’t even have to threaten him or anything!

I wasn’t sure at first when he sent me this picture:

I mean, it looks kind of dingy with the glass and the cord all nicotine-y yellow.

But then he told me the price. €7.50! What the hal-ogen?!

We figured at that price, we couldn’t really afford not to give it a shot. So, with a little dish soap and a lot of elbow grease, this shiny beauty emerged:

And he saw that it was goooooood.

I’m in love…

We had a hunch this was Ikea, but I didn’t remember it from a recent catalog so I was pretty sure it was older than 5 years. After some research we discovered that it is called the Stollet and that it is at least 8 years old (based on this Flickr photo). We found out that it can easily be converted into a table lamp, which would explain the power cord that came with it. We also found a couple of eBay listings where this baby sold for €70. In Jennifer math, that means we MADE money on this purchase.

Does anyone else have this beauty? If so, did you get it for a steal like we did?!


3 Comments on “Making an entrance”

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