Jennifer tested, Rolan approved

The chef’s hat in this relationship sits firmly on Rolan’s head. He loves to cook and I love to watch him cook. And before you say anything, I know. He is a keeper.

But on the rare occasions that I do cook, I like to test various pins that I have acquired in my recipes board on Pinterest.

Sunday morning was just such an occasion. I had exactly four eggs, 1 bell pepper, some bread and some grapes. The bread and grapes I was pretty sure could stand alone, but… what to do with that bell pepper? Normally I would just chop it up and mix it into scrambled eggs, but then I remembered this great recipe for “Flower Power Eggs” from Apron Strings Blog.


They tasted really great and they were pretty to look at too.

One thing I would mention on top of Donna’s post is that it’s okay if the eggs seep outside of the bell pepper at first because you can easily cut the extra off after cooking to maintain the cute flower shape of the bell pepper.

Breakfast doesn’t really get more complete than that, does it? Meat, vegetable, grain and fruit with some flavored water. As they say here in Holland, “Lekker!”


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