The problem in the powder room

Below is a picture of the powder room.

We have already mentioned the problem with the drop-pendant in here, but can you spot the other glaring functionality problem in the room?

Nooo, it’s not the missing mirror above the sink. But thank you for noticing.

If you’re too pooped to guess (ha!), the answer is: no toilet paper holder. No place to stash the teepee. Nowhere to hang the roll!

For shame, apartment builders. As if not including a toilet paper holder wasn’t enough, they also made the decision to border the room in tile. As in, hard-to-replace-when-you-move-out-so-don’t-drill-through-it tile.

And before you ask, no, we do not have one of those fancy bidet toilets that eliminate the need for toilet paper. I have seen this style of powder room (missing toilet paper holder, missing mirror over sink) before in other modernized living areas in the Netherlands, so maybe this is an epidemic. Hey, Dutch builders! Little help here!

Anyway, our current solution is to reach behind your head and pick a roll, any roll, magician-style.

Now remember the roll you picked. Do you remember it? Good. Now put it back in the deck.

We have been searching for some normal-er replacement, though. Since the room is surrounded in tile and we don’t want to drill through that unless we absolutely have to, we figure we have two choices. We can either hang it on the tile with a sticker/suction cup or we can have the paper holder standing on the floor.

Since this room is smalllllll, I’m not thrilled with the idea of putting something on the floor and making it feel more cramped. But we can’t deny that would be the easiest option. As you can kind of see in the picture above, there is a nice wide opening between the toilet and the wall where you could put a toilet roll stand and probably not see it when looking into the room.

I’ve got options, though.

1. Toilet brush holder with stand — There are a myriad of options available to the savvy searcher on Amazon for toilet paper roll stands, but this one comes with a nice — dare we say elegant? — way to also store your unsightly toilet paper brush.

2. Invotis Orange ToiletBoy — Designed by the Dutch for an apparently common Dutch problem. We almost bought this one in the store yesterday, but I’m not certain if this apparatus will be elegant or flimsy.

3. Pylones Toilet Paper Holder — Rolan put it very simply to me when I showed him this option: “No.” But in my mind this googly-eyed robot is spraypainted a sleek white and becomes our little secret toilet paper dispensing robot of love. And maybe we could leave the googly eyes.

4. Chrome Everloc Toilet Roll Holder — Again, Amazon may come to the rescue here with a slew of options available. My favorite is a chrome version and has this stunning explanation from the manufacturer: “Suction Lock Toilet Roll Holder. No need to look for studs. You can just put it were [sic] you want it.” I have already found my stud, Mr. Manufacturer, but I may still put it where I want it. I just may.

5. Clojo toilet paper holder — Again, a Dutch design firm tries to nullify the Great Dutch Design Dilemma of the 2010s with this offering, a wire clothes hanger turned toilet paper dispenser.

And there we have it, folks! Proof that we can spend way longer than the normal human being thinking about toilet paper.

Forget the over or under debate! Where do you fall when it comes to Standing or Sticking? Or is there another option we haven’t over-thought about yet?

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One Comment on “The problem in the powder room”

  1. […] on Friday we made a few small updates to the bathroom and powder room. You might remember the problem in the powder room and my dilemma with whether we should use a standing toilet paper holder or one stuck on the wall. […]

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