Here comes the sun

Well, not really since it’s raining yet again. But! We do have two new light fixtures installed in the apartment. Three if you count the vanity light we “borrowed” from Rolan’s grandfather’s house.

We picked the Ikea Fuga spotlight flushmount for our kitchen light fixture because the kitchen is kind of a square with a lot of corners that need light. We didn’t want a drop pendant hanging down here getting in the way, so a flush mount fixture it was.

Maybe someday we will have some track lighting drop pendants hanging over the countertops instead, but this works really well for now and we can’t resist an affordable modern glass and steel fixture.

This is the powder room we neglected to take pictures of before we moved in.

It was kind of.. erm.. essential that we find a cheap fixture for this room quick style. Even though peeing in the dark may help avoid cancer(???), I’m a scaredy pants and Rolan is both near-sighted and over 6-foot-tall. He does not need any more handicaps while doing his business.

We spend a lot of time in Ikea recently as it is both a.) budget-friendly and b.) the only modern one-stop home decor shop that we know of in the Netherlands. While there, we spotted and instantly loved this Ottava light. However, after Rolan’s not-tall-at-all brother paid us a visit, I started to question whether we made the right choice.

In fact, Ramon’s visit made me ponder whether we can have drop pendants at all. I’m thinking in the case of the powder room, the verdict is, sadly, no. But I’ve promised Rolan to live with it for a little while. We’ll see what happens.

We also stole borrowed a light for a temporary fix for the hole in the wall above the mirrors in the bathroom. Rolan got it installed last night so now it’s actually hanging on the wall and not off the wall.

I say “temporary fix” because, like most everything else, we have big plans for this fixture in the future.

Another temporary fix in this picture is the bare light bulb you see dangling from the ceiling on the left. Yeah, we are not that minimalist. Our budget is, though.

So that is what we have so far. It’s just three little tweaks, but they sure have shed some light on the situation. Wop wop. Bad pun intended.

How about you guys? Have you ever had to resort to a “temporary fix” while you (or your budget) got prepared for the permanent solution? Or have you ever had a tall relative bump his head on a light fixture?


3 Comments on “Here comes the sun”

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